NeuroRythm – Dissent | Review by Side-Line magazine

EK Product has already signed a ‘veteran’ of the electro scene. NeuroRythm is a band driven by Andreas Gregor and Laurie Sydorowicz.
Gregor got some recognition and fame as member of great Canadian projects like Digital Poodle and !Bang Elektronika while he was also active into Datafreq and Techniques Berlin. NeuroRythm all started a bit like a joke, but finally became a real project.

“Dissent” has an explicit retro feeling, which mostly reminds me of 90s projects while other influences are more into Front 242. Some songs are quite EBM-minded following the line of Gregor’s former projects Digital Poodle and !Bang Elektronika.

The debut starts a bit hesitant although features interesting pieces like “The Voice Of Dissent” (reminding me a bit of Fortification 55) and the more into Front 242-like “1900 Feet”. I also like the kind of filtered acid bleeps on “1900 Feet”. Another song that might catch the attention of ‘242’-fans is “Choose Your Ism”. I also like the production of the vocals on this song (featuring cool female backing vocals).

The final part of the album definitely is the most captivating one. The retro & vintage feeling emerges to the surface and results in some essential songs like “Extremist”, “Body Machine”, “Beat Of The Drum” and last, but not least “Acid Beat”. “Acid Beat” is a terrific piece of groovy, clubby EBM. And here again I love the vocals mixing sterile female vocals together with harsher male ones.

“Dissent” sounds like it is announcing the real revival of old electro-servant Andreas Gregor” and the least I can say is that he didn’t lost any part of his genius. NeuroRythm is a cool newcomer on the EBM-globe.