Liquid G. – Overdose | Review by Side-Line magazine

Peter Van Bogaert remains one of the oldest servants of Belgian electronics in activity. He never got the fame of some of his famous compatriots, but he’s been doing a great job since the late 80s. After an impressive number of releases (from the good-old tape format to CDR) on his own label (Liquid Products) he finally joined EK Product in 2011 to release the CD “Bioharzard & Medical Waste”.

Overdose” is his latest artistic brainchild and the work sounds like good French red wine. Liquid G. is getting better and stronger with the years. I already got the impression he was using more equipment on the latest releases or was he just controlling his tools as if he never did before? Van Bogaert is the only one who knows, but he confirms all his skills on “Overdose”.

Liquid G. constantly moves in between EBM and dark-electro. The sound remains cold and the production is globally speaking raw. Dark aggressive sequences welcome you on “Introduction”. After a few interesting teasers “Fuck The System” is the real kick off. This is a harsh piece of retro-EBM. “Explanation” and “Inferno (EK Edit)” coming next get things really interesting. The songs remind me of the late 80s EBM and there sometimes is a touch of Portion Control on top of the songs. Another source of inspiration might be early Vomito Negro. “Explanation” is featuring Kim De Laet who already was involved on previous Liquid G.-releases. She adds a sexy touch in the vocals.

“Overdose” also hides a few more complex song structures. “Insomnia” left me rather breathless, seeing P. Van Bogaert experimenting with more sophisticated electro layers while screams of horror are resonating in the background injecting a kind of malaise to the listeners. A few more noticeable cuts are “Lost In Your Dreams”, “Reject Religion” and “Overdose – Extended Chaos Remake”.

No doubt about it, “Overdose” is the best album of Liquid G. ever! This is a cool approach of retro-EBM and dark, haunting electro influences.