Invoke The Insult – You Can Trust | Review by Peak-a-Boo magazine

07/06/2016, Peter HESELMANS

Invoke The Insult is a relatively new name in the Swedish electro scene. Jonas and Klas are both from the Gothenburg region, offering us some Scandinavian electro/industrial style. ITI has been five years around, and now finally the album You Can Trust is out: danceable electronic music with influences from bands like The Klinik, Cabaret Voltaire and Front 242.

Introvert opens with powerful beats, seasoned with colored rhythms. The aggressive vocals on this album are striking and make it all sound rougher. Drowning evolves from a fresh synth pop riff to a dark song. Talking about fanatics! Uneven Terms and With Me are pure EBM, hard machining beats with dark and grim sounds. Time to polish the combat shoes so we can conquer the dance floor of the underground. Hatelunch is one of my personal favorites on this album: intense, very rhythmic and topped with a few vocal samples. The fresh and chilly synth effects lift this track to a higher level.

The recipe Jonas and Klas is made of old-school and new-school. Dead Rage and Smothely Insain combine hard EBM sounds with cool electronic loops and rhythms. But it also can be more experimental; Failing System could do well in a dark alternative club. More dynamic and danceable synth sounds are heard in Extroverted. My Drug, has a very challenging chorus, a track that is slightly inspired by electro pop.

This first rendez-vous with ITI will be remembered, the love for electronic equipment, rhythm boxes and synths is clear on this album. Let us hope to hear more in the future.

ITI - Peek-a-Boo mag.