Escalator: a well-deserved award

Together with other important press organizations Side-Line magazine has published a very good review about our band.

In this months we have had tons of positive feedbacks from all over the world (Belgium, Germany, Russia, Spain, England, USA..) about our first release (“Out of my ego” by the legendary hungarian band Escalator) and, if you want, you can check the most important reviews by clicking the links at the bottom of this article.

Anyway today we want to focus on the very good review by this important belgian magazine:
We think this article (together with the one by which you can find below) is the right and earned tribute to the very high-level work by Escalator.

Stay tuned on EKP.

SIDE-LINE REVIEW (click here to read the original version)

Escalator is a Hungarian band I discovered for the very first time in 2009 on the “Antologia 1989-2009”-CD released by Electric Tremor Dessau. Escalator was however active in the late 80s and during the 90s, their last album “Arbeit” was released in 1994. Today it’s very easy to discover bands even from the most hidden and expected places on earth. There are enough internet sites where you can find new bands, but without a good distribution or an established label, it was like mission impossible back in time.
Escalator now emerged from the past like a rising phoenix. I didn’t really have high expectations, but “Out Of My Ego” became a fascinating experience. This is music for old-school EBM lovers, but what I especially like is that this late 80s – early 90s influence has been transposed into a contemporary production. “Out Of My Ego” is clearly and mainly inspired by the earlier work of Frontline Assembly. The songs evoke the late 80s work of this legendary Canadian band. Escalator there found an interesting source of inspiration, which they masterly have uplifted to a refreshing old-school EBM.
This is one of the most intelligent records I’ve ever heard in the genre. It remains an old-school album and yet the sound has been clearly transposed and empowered into a contemporary vision. The only regret I have is the very short tracklist. It’s definitely a pity we only get 8 songs on this CD.
All the songs are pretty fascinating, but I’ll mention “Shut Me Off” as my favorite one. Some other cool cuts are “Bad Constellation”, “Out Of My Ego”, “Deeply Buried Psychosis” and “Gépek Lesztek”. The last song (still the last one of the album) sounds quite different. It’s more minimal like while featuring a few Kraftwerk sounds. There’s a robotic effect on the vocals, which fits to the music. That brings me to speak about the vocals, which are mainly powerful, but spooky-like.
No doubt about it, this is a terrific comeback that will please the lovers of old-school EBM. Escalator seems to remind us that EBM doesn’t necessarily have to be complex to be good. “Out Of My Ego” is a rather simple, but well-crafted EBM album!

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