Deadly Injection – Zombified | Review by Alien E-Zine

by Peter Ryby | 13.02.2021

Not so long ago, I have written about the debut of this German strike, which was influenced by the orthodox ebm wave from the 90s. Some time has passed and a mass of zombies in the form of 14 songs will crush you again with its uncompromising energy. Right after the first minutes, I was looking if the legendary Claus hasn’t joined this band by any chance, but I didn’t find him here.

The band took over his handwriting and the Leather Strip remained somewhere in the back with warm hits and enriched remakes. I don’t want to offend Claus with these, but to start him up. I personally loved Solitary by Claus, in ebm history is an album in my top 10 but what already… That’s why I don’t mind that this is his fat but kicked copy!

Excellent pungent vocals flying arpeggios metal beats and crushing bass lines! Compared to the previous release, this album is purer in sound but raw and unbelievably similar to the 90s, where, for example, you can came across the nice pogo of this duo No rest for the wicked! Is it a deja vu? Or have I heard already somewhere a name of this song? I don’t mind at all listening to the Leather Strip, pardon me, his followers, Deadly Injection. It’s a nice trip to the past but in the present. The album has the power, it is catchy, madly ill and industrially electronic. Although this album is not a sound gem and even here the band doesn’t perform any modern cosmic sound. It’s a real punk from the street! Polish your boots, set the stereo to max and let the neighbors feel who is the real master of the house! Quality shits: No rest for the wicked, Fck U, Zombiefied, My worst enemy, Data Control …