Cardinal Noire – S.T. | Review by Alien-e-zine

Our Nordic friends knows how to mark the black spot as evidenced by many projects that originates from those latitudes. The Finnish duo CARDINAL NOIRE embedded his roots in the EK Product that releases in fact debut album of this bunch.

That this is a classic ebm would probably not be concise labeling although the project drains the main resources from the EBM genre whose designation is probably the most acceptable. Raw sound, mad vocals and a lots of energy will start to roll on you from the beginning of this raging walk. Raw sound accompanied by mechanical rhythms and aggressive surfaces will not leave you to take a break not only for a minute. Pungent rhythms, many industrial metal tortures and destructive voice of the vocalist will finish you with its coarseness.

This release is a celebration of this genre since very few projects are doing something similar and so pretty raw. Where Skinny Puppy has stopped to make a good music there enters this guys and they have really give a lot of energy since this album is a modern washout and bass lines that will load you up will accompany you for a long time in the bowels of your dusty inside. I won‘t examine particular tracks since the whole material fits very well together. I often find myself in the factory of fear and sometimes on a big pogo at the club. Guys often use old analog sound and they have often reminded me how the projects in the 90’s were doing it.

This CD is a top in its genre although it’s a gentle copy of Canadian pioneers but rather a better copy then bad original…