Bodykomplex – Karma | Review by Peek-a-Boo magazine

Karma is Finnish duo’s Bodykomplex’s first full album released October 2015. Stylisticly its old school EBM in terms of pace and overall feel. However its got some 90’s post-industrial synths mixed in that let you know this is new music and not just a rehash of Nitzer Ebb.

When I got this I have to admit my heart dropped as I realised the band sung only in Finnish. However the flemmy dolphin speak actually works here. Take song “Kela”, meaning coil. It’s a total dance floor stomper of a song in which singer Kris’s guteral rant (assumbly about the female contraceptive coil) really drives the pace of the song forwards and keeps it interesting.

Olaf plays electric drums at gigs too, so from the limited online videos I’ve seen these guys look fun to see play.

It’s not all praise though. Take the start of “Tragedia Petoksesta” where I think Kris actually clears his noise into the microphone… and what’s with the synth panpipes in Haœêkkilintu & Tee se itse mies tracks?

That said it’s a huge release with 14 tracks and I hope to hear these guys at every EBM night I go to for years to come.

Peek-a-boo magazine