Aeronaut V signed with EK Product

Here at EKP we are very proud to announce the signing of the Finnish band AERONAUT V

The return to the Aeronaut V is certainly one of the best news currently out there for all electro fans. The signing of this band for the Italian label EKP is not only a fantastic surprise, but also an event of great resonance for the stylistic level of their music that is able to satisfy even the needs of the most pretentious listeners. In fact, the talent of the duo, amply demonstrated in the EP “Late Departure” and the single “Discovery”, is ready to amaze you again with a technological music that exponentially goes beyond the limits of the ordinary. You will find it impossible to resist the electronic euphonies created by the past founder of Neuroactive Ville Brusi and to the enchanting vocal elegance of Arttu Korppivuori. The two artists combine a perfect fusion of synthpop and futurepop of superior quality and at the same time devoting particular attention to the construction of an absolutely catchy, impeccable melodism. Aeronaut V can be considered as a super project that knows how to relate in a direct and natural way with followers of the most advanced avant-garde music, thanks to the ability to configure sonic and lyrical structures that stimulate the imagination, making dance and dream. The duo act ventures once again into the scene, sure to find even more full consensus from estimators and promising to amaze them with something truly spectacular. You will explore a sound galaxy generated by linear rhythmics of drum programming, avveniristic flows of synths and refined, powerful vocalism, an experience you will always remember. Climb aboard with the Aeronaut V, an unrepeatable journey awaits you!