2nd Civilization – Report from the dark | Review by NeuWelt music

Report From The Dark released on 20th of April is technically the second album by 2nd Civilization, they have also made a number of demos. 2nd Civilization formed in Belgium in 1986, are returning to music after almost two decades away. The new album is released on Italian record label Elektro Kommando (EK). 2nd Civilization describe their music as future pop, some of their influences include Daf, Kraftwerk, Frontline and Assembly.

The original album was released on cassette in 1991 then known as Report. As the master recordings of Report had been lost the band decided to re-record the album, adding new material and some older re-record demos. The album has a fitting title as the original recording of Report has been lost in the darkness of the past.

The song writing on the album has a refreshing and welcome innocent quality similar to Kraftwerk and early Depeche Mode. Standout tracks on the album include Hurt, Lost Control, Words, I Wish You Could Be Mine, Train To Madness and Iris is God. The album gets off to an energetic start with the track Hurt, which has a driving bassline and gritty guitars throughout. The track has a catchy chorus and some emotional instrumentals, overall the track has a dark feel about it.

Hurt is followed by another strong track called Lost Control. This song has some smart lyrics, and there are some really impressive guitars on the track. There is a tempo change in the middle which sounds great. Words is another superb track, it’s intro has a lot going on. It has that special something, which makes it stick in your head once you hear it. Close to the end of the track there some amazing drums.

I Wish You Would Be Mine has a slower tempo with a Kraftwerk feel. It is an alternative love song about unrequited love. Train To Madness has a great intro, a nice touch is the way the sound effects of a moving train have be brought into the track. These effects continually fades in and out. The song also has some gripping lyrics. Iris Is God is one of favourite song on the album, it has a Velvet Acid Christ (VAC) feel to it. The track has an intense mood teamed with some stunning instrumentals which draw the listener in.

The album is very entertaining and enjoyable, a first time listener to 2nd Civilization would never guess that many of the songs on the album had been written in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Hopefully Report From The Dark will mark a new beginning for 2nd Civilization, allowing the band the opportunity to re-established their position in music. The future looks bright for fans of 2nd Civilization, as they can look forward to a possible up coming tour of the new album and the prospects of new material being released in the future.