Restricted Area

Access to Restricted Area: Restricted Area, from Sweden, have been around for quite a while, way before the growth of today’s electro and ebm scene with bands such as Covenant or Spetsnaz and have had a huge impact on the scene. The band released the first single entitled “Ett Gammalt Bergstroll” in 1994 which quickly became somewhat of an underground classic.The band has had numerous constellations throughout the years with songwriter and vocalist Peter Elm being the constant driving-force behind the project. Equally featuring on a number of albums is charismatic Emma Johansson, adding a new dimension to the songs. Although not easily labelled, RA’s music can best be described as ranging from melancholic electro to relentless, uncompromising EBM in its purest definition. Lyrics deal with life, love and loss, as well as aggression and integrity (a forgotten word in today’s society).

2011 marks a new start for Restricted Area. They are back, stronger than ever, ready to take on the world with a brand new double cd, which is sure to become a future classic! Restricted Area are back with an extremely strong double cd! The first cd is entitled ”Core Excess” and should in many ways unfold like a traditional album. It is a truly intense musical journey, displaying a variety of moods and feelings with lyrics sung in both English and French.

The main themes being love, loss and life. The second cd is entitled ”Underdog E.P.” and explodes with pure, relentless and in-your-face EBM! The songs here deal with integrity (or rather, the total lack of integrity in today’s society), excess and aggression and will set any dance floor on fire! Listeners are up for a real treat can be sure that hey will not be left unmoved by either of the cds!