Electro Body Mechanic: like any brilliant idea spurting out from well washed out nights, Karbu 38 was born from the electric arc used by two mechanic’s apprentices: Molette 38 (synth & prog) and Travis 02 (vocals). As he is following his different “mechartistic” influences, the foreman Molette 38 will also let his imagination wander in order to put together different melodies which will be enriched, by then, with Travis 02’s lyrics.

Needing more labour force to explore the different mechanical structures of the universe of music, they will soon get a striking help from Phil (drums), as well as from a feminine help from C.Lina (vocals).

As they don’t want to restrain their music only to a pure synthetic music, the two pals rely on their singer to push her vocal organ all the way to the breaker, and their drummer to hammer every beat when they will play live, and so, allowing their mechanical electro-body boasts about its striking force. And that’s how, thanks to the explosive mix made by these 4 craftsmen, Karbu 38 is going to start up and get out from the garage…

Not afraid of lending their hands into grease, this band is getting ready to hit the road and to let you hear the decibels coming from its engine as loud as possible and from as far as it could be heard!