Although Impakt!  was formed in 2010, the foundations  for  the  band  were laid as early as 1985 when schoolmates Sam and Vince discovered they shared an interest for electronic and experimental industrial music.

Sam  had  a band at that moment  with PW on  drums  and Vince  joined  in  for  a while. As months  passed  it became clear  that the time  nor  the place  was not right for the three of them. Vince moved  on  to form  an all electronic act “Advanced Art” while Sam and PW continued  to  work together with more  traditional instruments. Their band evolved and became “Ruby Tuesday”, mixing influences from both Irish and rock music.

In 1993 Vince and PW got back  together  for a  few years  when “Advanced Art” needed  an extra percussionist  for  live shows. PW  became  an essential part of “Advanced Art” playing live and even on their last release “Force”. After “Advanced Art” split in 1995 their ways parted for the second time.

Sam and PW kept on playing together all these years in different bands, some of them being quite  successful  in Finland. Vince  on the other  hand  decided to  retire from the scene and gave up writing music.

In  2010 PW contacted Vince  after over  10 years  and came up with an idea of a new band. He had a name in  mind and  suggested  they should ask Sam to join in too. They decided to give it a go and started to write some songs together.

Photo Credits:  Kari Lahtinen & Birdrock Avenue