Gin Devo

Gin Devo is a performing artist, musician, modular synthesist and former/songwriter of the Belgian oldschool electronic cultband Vomito Negro

Inspired by Cabaret Voltaire and Kraftwerk Gin started to experiment in the early 80’s with tapeloops, drumboxes, mono synthesizers and effect driven vocals to create his own electronic music. In the early 90’s Gin graduated at the royal art academy in Antwerp and was student at the Royal conservatory of experimental electronic music. In 2010, after years of silence Gin decided that it was time to wake up the sleeping beast Vomito Negro and released “Skull & Bones” and “The 2K10 Remakes”

In 2011 “Slave Nation” was released, this album is Gin’s answer to our vanishing freedom in the name of global security and the fake war on terror.

In 2012 EK Product released Gin Devo’s solo project “Surface”

Surface was recorded in 1988/89, several visual artist used Gin Devo’s electronic soundscapes in Antwerp’s abandoned icefactory, or in Antwerp’s never used metro network to support there works.

May 2012, EK Product releases “Errata”

Errata is a rhythmic driven solo project written in 2011. Errata is Roldschool, only hardware synthesizers, gate/step sequencers and vintage drum machines are used to compose and record the album. No software plug ins or VST’s are used to create this album.