DI*ove stands for minimalistic electro and radio-friendly melodies in a troubling soundscape; a delicious mix of eighties synthpop with a heavy, unformatted layer lead by a strong and charismatic voice.

On the eve of his 16th birthday Eric’s dreams weren’t about racing his super dooper moped; they were all about playing, creating, and tweaking synths, rhythm boxes and other sound emitting devices. His bedroom turned into a sound lab… and soon he found himself with the desire to expand it. That’s why he formed Escape Industry with two mates of his native Oupeye region in the early 90s.

Riding the EBM wave, the three friends went on to record a demo that caused quite a riot among the fans of upbeat electro. Alas, the original fire slowly died down because of internal musical differences, which would lead to the band’s split up in 1999. Not one to be affected easily, Eric went on to launch his own solo project called Evoid.

Three MCDs were released independently between 2000 and 2004. It featured electronic music combining minimalism, a hint of melody and a fluff of big noise, most of the time not exactly according to the book but never devoid of caustic humour. This trilogy seemed to break grounds for another musical direction which would leave more space for song lines and the need to attract outside talent. 2006 hit the calendars and Luc came into the picture.

Another music geek who ruled the waves of the pirate stations back in the 80s, Luc quickly adjusted to Eric’s music and DI*ove was born. Their first achievement was “Haunting Me”.

The band is signed by a Liège-based label and releases a first EP. Two tracks stand out: Haunting Me and I Want a Bear. The band starts touring and even performs as a support band to the legendary American Crash Course in Science (La Zone, Liège). November 2010 sees the band releasing a new album called DI*verge. It doesn’t seem to go unnoticed and the famous German Plastic Noise Experience even remixes one of its tracks. In February 2011, the Spanish trash band QRCM request the band remix one of their tracks. It now proudly features on the band’s remix album along the likes of Leaether Strip and Adriano Canzian.