Combat Voice

Combat Voice (Belgium 2010 – 2017) was a Cold EBM duo created in 2010 by Richard Guillaume and Bernard Feron. It’s a particular mix of several electronic styles (EBM, Cold EBM, Industrial and Gothic) and these typical influences finally give a special and strong taste! Richard (Keyboards, composing, mixing, arrangements and backing vocals), has been involved in 1991 in a first project called Combat Noise, pure EBM with vintage sounds. Following a second project in 1993 called Simplicity with Miguel B., a mix between EBM and Techno Music. Also involved in several remixes created for Electro/EBM bands like Void Kampf, VuduVox and ALT-G.

Bernard (Vocals, lyrics, writings and side composing): singer of MED, cold electro solo project The Face, former member of Fuze Box Machine in the late eighties and MAAN in the nineties. With their first album released in 2011, “The Last Flow”, the band became widely recognized as an original new footprint.

Combat Voice has big aspirations for the future and will continue to grow; their upcoming songs are expected to display the band in a new light bringing a fresh sound to the EBM scene.