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Glorifying the past while looking to the future.

EK Product is a independent record label dedicated to forward-thinking electronic music, this includes EBM, Electro, Synthpop, Futurepop, Industrial. The label was launched in the summer of 2010 amid a growing number of independent labels. Is the addition to the Elektro Kommando organization.

EKP first release has been the new work “Out Of My Ego” by the Hungarian historical industrial/electro act “Escalator”. Escalator has been very well reviewed by important and eminent magazine all around Europe. EKP has become some the home of talented bands such as Gin Devo and Vomito Negro, Restricted Area, Darkmen, Endless Shame, Liquid G., Grandchaos, Cardinal Noire, Spektralized amongst many others.

Unparalleled diversity.
Our criterias are creativity, originality. Our genres of interest are not mainstream. Now, just a few years later, EKP is a self-contained hotbed for new talent like Impakt!, Oldschool Union, Protectorate / Cardinal Noire, Invoke The Insult, Atropine, Hexadiode… It’s one of the things that the label does best. This project merges an open state of mind, in line with EKP program mission, and objectives, while ensuring quality. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Elektro Kommando organization was founded in Dec. 2008 in Naples, Italy.
As an organization, Elektro Kommando have brought to Italy, among others, such seminal ebm/electro/indus. performers as Dupont, AD:key, Spetsnaz, Ionic Vision, Signal Aout 42, Kommando XY, Sturm Café, Halo Effect, Metal Music Machine, Mind in a Box, Autodafeh, Darkmen, Spark!, Escalator, Front Line Assembly, Klonavenus, Agrezzior, Patenbrigade Wolff, Nydhog, Accessory, Restricted Area, Spektralized, Oldschool Union and Front 242 (who hadn’t played Italy over the last 25 years!).

EK have also held the very first South European electro festival “Bite The Bit” in Italy that featured two EKP acts alongside big names from the dark/electro/industrial scene such as Noisuf-X, Project Pitchfork, Leaether Strip, Spetsnaz, Colony 5, Autodafeh or Head-Less…